Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Camper Renovations Update

Update on our camper renovations! It’s a lot of work but we’re enjoying doing this project together. Shawn is doing most of the work using the power tools but I did try my hand at the staple gun. :) We’re amateurs watching YouTube so we’re not doing nor do we expect a professional job. LOL

Shawn got the framing finished last week and started on the insulation. He tidied up the electric, added support to the kitchenette seats, installed a new kitchen faucet. He pulled the bac...k trim off of the outside corners to start the prep for new tape. I installed black window cling over all the windows except the main window near the kitchen table. We’ll put curtains over that window. We’re hoping the window cling allows enough privacy at night to allow us to not have to place curtains over all the windows. We’re trying for minimal as to not have the camper look too cluttery. We’ll have to wait until it’s pulled out of the garage to check that further. 

This week he finished the insulation and we started on the paneling. We are hoping to finish paneling tonight. I furnished the bathroom, a few of the kitchen cabinets, and our closet. He’ll put the kitchen cabinet that I want to keep back up next so I can start filling the cabinet with non-perishable foods. And he’ll finish the kitchenette so I can put stuff under the empty seat area. We’ve decide not to return the second kitchen cabinet and the cabinets in the bedroom. We don’t have nor want enough stuff to fill them. We will need to build nightstand height cabinets over the wheel wells in the bedroom. We bought new tires and spray painted them espresso brown instead of the safety orange. LOL I finished spray painting all the plastic parts like the light fixtures and air conditioner cover too.

The framing.

The framing and start of the insulation.

The new faucet.

The new silver insulation that we got for free. He collected it from work. It came free in boxes over the winter.

The ceiling insulation.

The start of the privacy window cling. It was $17.99 per roll at Home Depot. I bought 2 rolls and still have most of 1 left. You can see its real dark compared to the other window. It was dark outside in this picture, the front awning is down, and it’s in the barn. We shall see what it looks like once it’s out of the garage. I cut in when it was dark and could have done a better job had it been daytime. 

The pink insulation we bought at the Habitat Restore. And the tape that was half off at Dollar General.

The foam insulation we bought at Home Depot for the ceiling.

 Yippy, the back wall is paneled.

The bottom of the back wall.


The kitchen ceiling is paneled.

The bedroom ceiling is paneled.


The bedroom ceiling paneling and our skylight.

 The start of the side walls in the bedroom. 

 The side wall in the bedroom. Yep, we have one door in the bedroom and one in the kitchen.

The side wall that still needs done. And a look at the privacy window cling. We chose this type of window cling for privacy. They do have other colors and designs.

 The bathroom is clean and furnished. We'll paint the bathroom later in the Summer.

The kitchen area. The cabinet on this wall is going back up soon. 

The kitchenette got reinforced seats.

He made stop guards for the water heater and water pump.

Our thrifted dishes in the cabinet over the fridge area.

Our closet. We got the two cloth baskets on clearance this week for $2 each at Dollar General.

 Our kitchen utensils/cookware that we thrifted. We did buy the vintage Corning Ware "Spice of Life" L'Echalote casserole dishes from an Antique store this winter on our trip to Amish country. It's the only thing I could find that was microwavable, oven proof, usable on the stove top, and dishwasher safe. They will save us a lot of space. 

 Our new tired thanks to my husband's eBay sales. We spray painted the rims espresso brown. 

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