Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our Trip Notebook

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a 3 week trip to Pennsylvania.  We are very excited!

We haven’t spent more than a weekend away from our kids in all these years, 3 weeks feels like an exciting yet scary dream. Our young adult kids are telling us this is a test to see if we can get along as empty nesters. LOL We married young, had 2 kids before we married, and were pregnant on our wedding day. Yep, life happens. Our kids are 28.2, 25.9, 24.9, and 21.

I thought I'd give a glimpse of how I set up the Notebook of our Trip Plans. I used supplies that I already had at home and didn't spend any money. It did take many hours of research to come up with activities for 3 weeks. We decide to not completely fill up our time and are only visiting 1-3 places most days. Some days we'll stay at the campground and relax or enjoy the amenities they provide. We've prepaid for at least 3 activities each week. We'll be enjoying those but some of the extras we can decide to skip we we want. We want to have fun and to have as much of a stress-free trip as possible.

Our Trip Notebook is filled up. 

I have a supply pouch.

I have a free calendar and writing paper.

I made a list in the front of my notebook of our travel plans.

I made a cover page for each of our sections in the notebook. Our sections are:

Gifford Pinchot State Park Campground: Arrival June 19- Check out June 30

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Week of: June 19-24, 2017

Hershey, Pennsylvania Week of June 25-30, 2017

Travel Day: June 30

Codorus State Park Campground: Arrival June 30- Check out July 8

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Week of: July 1-8

In each section I added our reservations in order of the days we’ll be using them. If we didn’t need reservations I printed a page of the basic info of the place for reference. This is our reservations for the first campground we'll be staying at. State Park Campgrounds allow a 14 day stay so we need to visit two State Parks on our trip.

Our plans for Lancaster, PA. and our reservation info or places we plan to visit.

The second page of our Lancaster, PA. plans.

One of our reservation pages. We have many more.

This is a sample of the pages I printed for activities that didn't need reservations.


Our plans for Hershey, PA. and our reservation info or places we plan to visit.

The info on the second State Park Campground we'll be staying in.

Our plans for Gettysburg, PA. and our reservation info or places we plan to visit.

The second page of our Gettysburg, PA. plans. We also have travel literature from Gettysburg.

We got other travel literature for our trip emailed to use. All our reservations were email too. I'm keeping everything in a folder in our email in case our notebook is lost.

I'll keep a backup of our files on my computer for our trip on my laptop too.

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