Monday, April 17, 2017

My Spring Plans

We have 6 weeks till Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer. My plan for the rest of Spring is to work doubly hard on doing projects and deep cleaning. I want to enjoy my Summer with minimal effort besides cleaning and maintaining. I plan to have everything I want done by the end of May. The beginning of June will be all about finishing up our planning and camper repairs. Whatever doesn’t get done around here will probably wait until end of July or August. Our 2 young adult children that live with us will be taking care of our home while we are away. I’m going to get as much done as I can to clear my Summer for fun and spending time with my husband and family.

I’ll be painting our son’s empty room and the family room. I need to paint my grandkids toy boxes which have been a Big Frog sitting in my barn for 3 yrs. I need to clean up my yard, set up our outdoor furniture, do minimal flower gardening, and plant the vegetable garden. I’ll clean up the shed, barn, and basement the best I can since we have camper project supplies going on. I’ll be helping with whatever my husband needs help with for the camper. I want to sand the camper walls to prepare to paint although we may not be able to actually paint until after our trip.

I have the photo box project still to do along with planning and preparing for our celebration and trip. I need to workout regularly in my exercise studio, take walks nightly, and get back to losing weight. I need to look nice in my celebration dress and we will be doing a lot of walking and hiking on our trip. I don’t want my arthritis to have a bad flare up so I need to workout regularly rather than end up overdoing it.

What project do you need to clear out before Summer?

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