Tuesday, July 12, 2016

KonMari Week 2: Warm Weather Clothes

I'm working on Clothes during Weeks 2 and 3.

I worked on my warm weather clothing. I purged 5 items. I keep 15 tops, 5 tanks, 10 shorts, 2 Capri, and 2 bathing suits. I’m going for a small wardrobe that is mix and match. The last couple years I have done better at narrowing down and defining my style. My wardrobe still needs some work but it takes time to find the right pieces. I plan to stay under 35 items. I’ve research project 333 so I’m going for that concept.... I do prefer to categorize my clothing into 2 categories warm and cold, rather than 4 seasons, although I do live in Ohio. I store my warm weather clothing in my 2 dresser drawers and cold weather clothing in my closet. 

I’ve research Dress Your Truth which has helped me to define my style more and confirm what I know that I like. I have not taken the course but have read on the website and Pinterest. I like v-neck tops with ruffles, ruching, and lace. I don’t like strips, plaid, geometric, bold, or a lot of print patterns. My neutral colors are cream, brown, gray, and black. I like jewel/gem colors of purple, blue, red, green, and fuchsia but not pastel colors. I like neutral pants/bottoms. I'm not doing the Konmari fold and in Sparks Joy she said it was ok to do whatever method brings Joy.

After: warm weather tops and tanks.

 After: shorts, Capri's, and bathing suits.

 Discards: too much pattern for me.

My shorts, Capri's, and bathing suits after discarding.

My tops and tanks after discarding.

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