Thursday, July 7, 2016

KonMari Week 1: Preparation Week



1. I’m a 43 yrs. housewife previously at-home-mom/homeschool mom. Our children are grown (20, 23, 24, and 27), although 3 of our 4 still live at home. We have a 4 yrs. granddaughter and 2 yrs. grandson. I’ve printed a list, planned out my weeks, and put it in my Homemaking Notebook.

2. I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in June 2015 and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo in May 2016. I have been downsizing/becoming minimalist for 5 ½ yrs. I plan to use the KonMari system to refine my home. My stuff is already stored in categories and pretty minimal, it will be a good challenge.

3. My vision is to be a light and love as Christ loves me. My husband and I to enjoy our empty nest years with many adventures. To be a blessing to our children and grandchildren while sharing many family times. Have a peaceful relaxing home that supports our life together. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

4. We plan to downsize into a ranch style 2 bedrooms in the next 5 yrs. We have enjoyed raising our family in our home but 5 bedrooms will be too much space for 2 people. We’ve already turned the first floor bedroom into an exercise room. We have been clearing out the house of excess possessions for 5 ½ years along with redoing the house. We’ve been painting, refinishing woodwork, and redecorating. We will continue working on the house to make it easier for when we are ready to sell. We enjoy our home and love to welcome our family and friends.

The fact that I have been working on my house for so long, I’m not sure I’ll have much to purge while doing each category. I’m sure I’ll have some to let go of but it just may not be a big volume. I’m more looking to refine anything leftover that doesn’t bring joy. I’m pretty organized but there are a few areas that I’ll do a bit more. As I go along in the challenge I plan to deep clean my house. It’s really not that hard to do since it’s pretty minimal. My husband is working on his own categories and possessions. He is a great help and doing well in his journey. Our grown kids use the family room for their computers and each has their own room. I won’t be doing Konmari in those spaces but will clean the family room. I don’t own anything beside wall décor, table/chairs, and a couch in the family room.

5. I don’t collect donation receipts.

6. My donation system has been to put things directly into my car. I do have a laundry hamper in my basement but I’ve had too much to donate over the last 5 ½ yrs. that I’ve not used that system. I don’t sell my discards. I donate to a local Clothes Closet charity that gives donated items away for free to those in need.

7. I plan to use the space my stuff is stored as my staging area since it’s already stored in categories. I don’t have anything that I’ll need to gather from multiple locations.

8. I’ve already dealt with my digital clutter and I reset to zero as needed.

9. I have made great progress on sentimental over the past year. My digital photos are organized and I have discarded almost all my albums/scrapbooks. I’m using photo boxes for printed photos and Shutterfly books for digital photos. I hope to finish by June 2017 to celebrate our Silver Jubilee.

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