Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Giving up Soda

I'm trying to drink more water and give up soda, in my case it's diet Pepsi. I gave up soda many years ago but over the last 2 years I started drinking it regularly again. I can tell that I'm addicted due to the fact that I have cravings for it about the same time every day. I'm going to give it up again. I’ll drink most of my water plain but wanted to have flavor options. Once I drink what I've made for myself from my list I will make a few more drinks. I'm making someone ice for my drinks.

This should give plenty of options to get my water thought the day:

1. I brewed a pot of coffee to use for iced coffee. I brew my coffee double strength; I add an equal amount of coffee and water when serving. I like to add a teaspoon of milk or almond milk sometimes.
2. I made a pitcher of fruit water with an ugly grapefruit.
3. I have a pitcher of iced tea.
4. I made crystal light lemonade.

I made this Pinterest board a couple years ago. I'll make a recipe or two once I run out of my current options. Health- Infused Water

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