Monday, February 29, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 4

Day 22: My FROG was a couple things. I moved all my memory keeping stuff into the entertainment center in the living room. I was able to empty out both my totes. No more totes of memory stored away, they are all available for the family to enjoy. I’ve decided I’d rather them be accessible even if they are undone than wait another year to be finished. It may not look the way I want but the memories are more important.

I moved the grandkids toys and books to the upstairs hall closet. They were displaced by the memory keeping stuff. That’s where I keep most of their stuff anyway. Storing everything in a category in one location is helpful. You see the bulk of what you own.


I transferred my summer decor into a different tote. This makes all my holiday totes match. I transfer my quilting fabric into a different tote. That makes both my fabric totes match.

Day 23 and 24: I didn't have a FROG. I did general cleaning to prepare for my granddaughter to spend the night. I spent the day playing and didn't do any special chores. 

Day 25: My FROG was office tasks. I paid and organized our bills. I worked on my blog. It’s the last Thursday of the month so I worked in the March section of my Spring Notebook. I updated my Homemaking Notebook for the month.

Day 26: My FROG was to make a list for my photos/memories project. I made the list while riding in the car with my husband to our weekend getaway. We had a nice time talking about our family memory keeping.

Day 27 and 28: I didn't have a FROG. I was enjoying a Winter getaway with my husband.

Day 29: My FROG was memory keeping. On our drive home from our weekend getaway we stopped at Michael's Crafts and got photo boxes for our printed pictures. They were on clearance for $2 a piece so we bought 8 boxes. Later in the evening I put all our loose pictures into the boxes. I filled a box with pictures as I took them out of a large magnetic style album and my husband took pictures out of a smaller one. We had two boxes leftover. I'm not sure if we will use them or not since all of our printed pictures so far fit into the boxes. The two extra boxes definitely won't fit into the space allotted to them. The side for our photo books on our entertainment center is looking thinner without the magnetic albums. I'm going to be working on making Shutterfly books.

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