Monday, February 15, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 2

Day 8: My FROG was to do 2 things. I worked on the Stop and Jot Makeover challenge to do post-its. I corralled all my post-it and list pads into one location today. I had a good system for a little while until I got too many. They are in a bigger container now. I keep a list pad in all my notebooks too. I worked on organizing a few things in the exercise room including blowing up my exercise ball. My husband hooked up the TV and Wii.



Day 9: My FROG was the sentimental category. I went through my two totes of pictures/albums/memorabilia. I put a few memorabilia items into mine and my young adult children’s memory boxes. I trashed a bunch of news clipping someone collected from when I was little, pamphlets of trips, and decorated scrapbook pages with no pictures. I purged 4 items. 

Day 10: My FROG was 2 things. I put my 9 frames back together that I spray painted last week. I hung back up the ones that had been on the wall. My husband will help me this week hang all the new frames, once I figure out the new arrangement for the wall. I went through a bag with my yoga teaching materials, put books in my exercise room, trashed old papers, and am donating the empty bag. I’m purging 2 items and a stack of paper. 

Day 11: My FROG was 3 things. We bought a shelf for the exercise room and my husband put it together last night. I organized our things onto the shelf today. We still have to install a door insulation strip, a blind, and trim. We need to buy curtains and a wooden crate. My daily focus on Thursday’s is my Office day so I cleaned my little office. I paid bills, paid our tax debt, and had a budget meeting with my husband after he got home. 

Day 12: My FROG was a couple things. My husband installed the door insulation strip, a blind, and trim in the exercise room. We had to move stuff away from the walls so I rearranged all our workout equipment when I put it back. We did a big grocery shopping trip. It was time to restock the basic things we eat. I cook homemade with whole foods. I still have a bunch of stuff that didn’t get put away. I’ll do it another day. 

Day 13: My FROG was 2 things. I put away 3 cases of canned goods into my cabinet from grocery shopping on Friday. I spent the day at a Gun Show with my husband and the evening having dinner and a movie with my daughters. My husband cleared the bug out/get home bags out of our master bedroom from last month’s project and returned them to the basement. I’ll dust and vacuum the bedroom sometime this coming week. 




Day 14: My FROG was cleaning up the kitchen after a busy couple days. We had a backup of our kitchen and bathroom sinks on Thursday and my husband had to fix it that night. I’m thankful for my husband fixing the pipes. The backup and a couple days of business meant I hadn’t cleaned the kitchen nor did I do the dishes since Wednesday. I’m thankful for my husband’s help doing the dishes. I spend the rest of the day celebrating Valentines Day with my husband and our young adult children. We watched Hallmark movies and made a nice dinner at home. My husband got me a few gifts and I gave him cards that I made. 



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