Monday, February 8, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 1


Day 1: My FROG was to sweep and vacuum the floors on the main level after a busy weekend. I had extra dished to wash too. My husband applied a second coat of Shellac to the exercise room floor.

Day 2: My FROG was to 4 things today.

I choose 2 cards from my supply and have them ready to mail.

I took apart the thrift store frames, sanded, and did 2 coats of Navy spray paint on them for my Galley wall. I took 3 frames off my wall and sanded. I’ll paint them tomorrow.

I created a page to track how many items come into the house, the cost, what the items is, and who purchased it. We’ve decided not to count food, HBA, household items, home improvements, and car repairs. We are tracking items that aren’t going to be used up that will add to the amount of stuff that we own, basically anything that could be a future donation. 

I bought a half price Christmas multi houseplant pot for a centerpiece a week before Christmas and paid $8. The Holidays are over so I replanted the plants into my regular pots that were empty. I do well for a while with houseplants but after awhile they die. I have to buy new plants every year it seems. I buy the ones that are about $3 each so not a huge expense. 


Day 3: My FROG was to 4 things. I used glass cleaner to get the stickers off the glass for my frames. I did a 3rd coat of paint on my frames after seeing a few missed spots. I did a tablescape for February using what I have. I baked my grandson a birthday cake for his 2nd birthday. I went to visit my daughter, granddaughter, and grandson after my son-in-law left for work. My grandbabies were very excited that I baked them a cake. We had dinner and celebrated.  My grandson didn't understand about blowing out the candles, even after spending time trying to get him too. LOL He decided to take a bite.

Day 4: My FROG was to do 3 things. I worked on the Stop and Jot Makeover (Bullet Journal Challenge) and add the pages to my Homemaking Notebook. I did 3 coats of spray paint on the 3 frames that I had taken off my wall. The color is called Pebble. My Husband did the last coat of Shellac on the exercise room floor.

Day 5: My FROG was to do 3 things. I did a 4th coat of paint on my frames. I found another collage style frame to spray paint Navy. I moved stuff that we used to do the flooring in the exercise room into the basement. I started a purge on my cold weather clothing. I purged 6 items. 

Day 6: My first FROG was cold weather clothing. My husband and I spent the morning purging cold weather clothing and our shoes. I had put off doing my cold weather clothing in the fall due to feeling unhappy with my weight. I lost 8 pound in January and it gave me the courage to go though my stuff. We are pretty minimal on clothing already, but still found stuff to let go. We purged 27 items together. 

Day 6: My 2nd FROG was the exercise room. We moved everything from storage into our newly finished exercise room. I washed everything because it got dust in the basement and garage. There are a few things to do yet. We need shelving and a bike or elliptical. I’m happy it’s done and thankful for my husband’s hard work on the floor.

Day 7: My FROG was to do celebrate. My grandson was dedicated at Church in the morning and we went out to lunch to celebrate. We came home, decorated for his birthday party, baked his cake, and made family dinner for 13 people. It was a great family day.

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