Monday, February 22, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 3

Day 15: My FROG was a couple things. I updated plans in my Homemaking Notebook. I organized/purged the bill box and a few papers. I put away the food staples that we bought over the last couple days onto our basement shelves. I bought $11.13 worth of reduced price vegetable and fruit on Sunday at Meijer. I prepped the veggie and fruit for the fridge and freezer today. I only had to toss a small amount that was bad.

Day 16: My FROG was 2 things. I worked on my blog. I removed the spider webs in the basement and swept the floor.

Day 17: I didn’t have a FROG. My husband went into work very early to reboot servers and came home in the afternoon. We spent the day together after he took a nap.

Day 18: My FROG was sentimental. I organized our loose pictures. I purged ones that were printed on paper or were printed from the computer. I put a few into my husband’s family album, my album, and the kid’s memory boxes. It took me about an hour. The next step will be to put our printed pictures into order by years and events.

Day 19, 20, and 21:I didn't have a FROG.

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