Sunday, August 23, 2015

My View

 My view at 1:00 this afternoon:

I had a load of folded laundry to put away along with 2 days worth of dishes. I don't do much beyond the basic chores on the weekend. I was lazy this weekend and therefore had a pile of undone dishes. 

A close up of the organized stack of dishes.

My view this evening:

I had every intention of doing them after I read a couple chapters and finished eating my ice cream. My husband wanted to go have a late lunch at Subway so I never got around to doing them. Thankfully my son-in-law Michael was doing a load when we got home. It doesn't happen often that I get help around the house but I'm thankful when I do.

I did do a load this evening and the rest will wait.  I still have a few dinner dishes to finish tomorrow. I have a book to read. LOL

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