Monday, August 10, 2015

My Little Office Redo

My little office is finished and we only spent about $100 to do it. We used the white chocolate paint that we'd been using in the rest of the house. I bought the green Oops paint for $8 to do the shelves and the paneled wall. The new shade for my light feels like a spurge at $19, although I did only have 2 choices that would fit. It had to be replaced since we broke the old shade. I bought wood brackets for the upper shelves for $20. My office walls had several layer to remove that included contact paper, paint, wallpaper, and glue. The floors weren't as hard to do as we imagined but was a bit of work sanding and do 3 layers of Shellac. We'll do the baseboard, door, and trim when I do the rest of the house. I still need to find the stain that match's.



The Floor.

The new light globe.

The wall paint colors are White Chocolate and Oops green.

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