Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Plans

We don’t have any vacation plans of yet but would like to do something. My husband has enough time for a week off. We just haven’t figured anything out yet and the budget is tight. We’re planning simple things for evenings and weekends like walks, riding our bikes, hiking in state parks, and picnics. We’ll visit community Farmers Markets, Concerts in the Park, and Uptown Friday Nights

We’ll be working on yard projects and our gardens. Our main outdoor projects are to seal the concrete floor in the barn and shed, paint the floor in the shed, paint the shed and barn, paint lawn furniture on front porch, and paint 5 pieces of furniture for our grandchildren. We’ll have to see how much we can fit into the budget and finish each month.

We’re doing projects around the house. We’re finishing up redoing the bathroom today. We still need to buy a sink and flooring but it’s not in the budget at this time. Up next is redoing the woodwork and painting our downstairs bedroom to turn it into a workout room. We already have the supplies and everything to furnish the room.

I’ve almost finished purging our unneeded possessions. I’m done with the house, the basement, and the 3 stall barn. Once the exercise room is finished and grand-kids furniture is painted the barn and basement will be even lighter. I’m helping my husband with his shed.

I need to spring clean my little office. The storage containers are pretty dusty. I’m dividing up some of my notebooks and working on organizing them. I want to find a craft project to work on each week. I have plenty, I just need to decide. I’m working on purging files off my computer and organizing digital pictures.

I have a stack of older HeartSongs Presents books that I want to read. I’m trying to get outside for at least a half hour each day to enjoy my yard, nature, and to relax. It’s too easy for me to stay inside all day while everyone is at work and I’m home. I’m stopping off to have lunch with my husband before visiting my stepdad each week. I’m visiting my oldest daughter and grand-kids to help her run errands on Thursday evenings.

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