Monday, June 15, 2015

My Morning Planning

You'll notice I follow a modified version of Flylady. I've been using it for my homemaking for 11 yrs. I update and modify it for my home and needs every year. I had to redo it a lot for this year since I don't need include any homeschooling or kids stuff anymore. I usually do my update in the fall.

It’s time to added birthdays and anniversaries to the second half of the year. I updated my planner and family wall calendar. I made out cards from my collection for the next 3 months. I need to pick up a couple $10 gift cards.

The basics of my week- I have my dailies listed. My cleaning zone for this week is the bathroom and offices. It’s Monday so my focus today will be cleaning my zone. I have a dentist appointment of Tuesday and I’m babysitting my grandkids on Friday.

I’m following my Daily Routine. I’m at the end of my Morning Routine and am working on the “Think about My Day” part. I’m planning my afternoon and evening. This afternoon I will do my basic house cleaning for the week and work on my office.

My Daily Focus list- It’s cleaning day so I’ll complete my list of basic home cleaning for the week along with my zone.

I’m working on my To Do list for the day. I'm listing anything I know needs done, along with anything specific I need to do for my Routines. I've been purging my little office so I'm add stuff that needs accomplish this week in their.

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