Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mini-Goals for June

My "money/financial" mini-goal I want to accomplish/DO in June is to eat out less and spend less on snacks. I’ll make a soups and sandwiches to pack for lunches. I’ll have dinner make when my husband gets home from work so we are not temped to eat out. I’ll make homemade desserts and snacks with what we have around the house.

My "house/home" mini-goal I want to accomplish/DO this month is to spring clean my little office. This will help me prep for the bigger project of painting my office. My office is the size of a walk-in closet so everything has to be removed. Once the bathroom is finished, we’ll be painting the exercise room, which will lead to moving my office stuff to the empty exercise room so that I can paint my office. 


My “homemaking/family mini-goal is to celebrate our youngest son’s 19th birthday and our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Our son is having a bonfire/LAN party on Friday night here with friends and a family party as part of Sunday dinner. I’m planning to make as much of the food for my son’s party’s as possible with what we have already. My husband and I will use a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory that our oldest son gave me for Mother’s day. We’ll window shop the mall after.


My "just for me" mini-goal I want to DO is to enjoy the summer. I’ll enjoy outdoor activities and watch what I eat to loss a few pounds. I’ll continue with enjoying nature in my backyard, and working in my yard and garden. 

My personal "minimalist/purge" mini-goal is to read the older Heartsongs Presents books that I own with white covers. There are 57 of them; I’m going to try to read half of them before October. The fact that I’ve read 47 total books in 5 months, I’m sure that I can read 29 of the books in 4 months. I have read a good amount of books that are collections with 4-9 books in each.

I love the stories in these books but the plain white covers do not bring joy. This will help me purge books and the ugly white covers. 


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