Monday, May 26, 2014

May Outside Projects

My husband and I spend most of May doing outside chores. We worked on it 3 days per week for about 3 hours each day. I'm enjoying spending time with my husband working in the yard. We have minimizing our possession in the barn and shed along with completing many projects. I'll post a picture of the barn after we are finished. It's almost empty or as empty as it can be for a family of 6 with a 3 car barn. We do have 2 cars parked in it.

We completed 35 outdoor projects this month. We were able to complete these projects with only spending $30 on flowers and $10 on spray paint. I planted fewer pots of flowers this year since I never seem to water and they die. I concentrated on our main setting area in the backyard, near the door that is used most often, and a couple pots on the front porch.

Our Completed Project List for May:
  • purge unneeded things from barn and shed (multiple days of work)
  • wash cars inside and out
  • sweep barn
  • weed the gardens (multiple days of work)
  • pickup sticks in the yard
  • rack leaves
  • clean out window wells
  • dig the compost pile
  • dig up mini trees that sprouted in front garden
  • line flower beds with decorative bricks to replace wood border (multiple days of work)
  • move the wood to border vegetable gardens
  • buy flowers and plant pots
  • deadhead flowers
  • replant a tree sprout in the backyard
  • mulch gardens
  • line bricks around fire pit
  • line bricks under grill and wood bin
  • spray paint 2 metal trellises
  • cut wood posts to hold up windows
  • wash plastic totes
  •  wash kiddy pool
  • wash outside toys
  • wash bikes
  • put kickstand/rack on my bike
  • wash and give both daughters one of my hanging flower hooks
  • give daughters totes, extra lawn chairs, and flower pots
  • redo wreaths and hang on outside doors
  • Get lawn furniture out of storage
  • clean lawn furniture
  • dispose of broken picnic table
  • wash out the indoor trash cans
  • clean the front porch furniture and floor
  • purge unneeded things from front porch
  • remove broken concrete from sidewalk
  • sweep sidewalks and side porch


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