Friday, May 23, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge May 2014 Part 3

I realized today that I have purged 40 bags worth of stuff since Easter when the official 40 Bags in 40 Days ended. That is 40 bags in 28 Day, not counting Sundays, with a total of 120 bags in 68 Days.

To keep it entertaining to continue with purging stuff from my home I've been playing the Minimalist Game since May 1st @ The Minimalists. Every day, get rid of items according to what number day it is. Day 1, get rid of one thing. Day 2, get rid of two things. Day 15, get rid of fifteen things. And so on, until the end of the month. I'm actual ahead and am working on day 25. Sundays do count with this game.

My purge pile this week:

Mini cookbooks  and recipe folders.

Candles and candle holders.



Magnet, food item, nail polish, plastic container, bag, and 2 candy boxes.

Gardening Magazines.

Gardening Stuff.

Gardening Stuff.

Paint and computer stuff.


Volleyball net and balls.

Candle, fake flower, bird cage, dog leash, and candles.

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