Friday, May 30, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge May 2014 Part 4

I played the Minimalist Game @ The Minimalists for the month of May and purged 523 items. It was fun keeping track of what number I was at each day. I had to write it down and cross off to keep my count. I took pictures of everything I purged and sometimes had to look at my pictures to recount. I didn't want to over count or under count. LOL
I'm counting this as 40 bags since there were several large items. That is 40 bags in 6 Days, not counting Sundays, with a total of 160 bags in 74 Days.
My purge pile this week:

Spray Paint.


A book, a pillow, and a candle.


Garden Hanging Hooks. I gave both my girls a garden hanging hook.

Storage Containers. I sent the storage containers home with my girls.

Servers, and water storage containers.

Storage Containers.

Outdoor cushions, lanterns, basket, tarp, bag, and baby pool. I sent the baby pool home with my granddaughter to enjoy the summer.

A set of plastic chairs. I sent home the plastic chairs with one of my girls.

A Vera Bradley purse. I sold the purse.

Marshmallow roasting sticks.

Hanging tomato container, flower pots, dish set, and a draw pull.

Flower pots and pegboard hooks. I sent home the pots with one of my girls.

Hanging pots.

Wood container and a tomato cage.

A wood shelf curtain hanger.

Craft supplies, a planner, and mini photo albums.

Magazines, shirt, and cake toppers.

A paper sorter.

Velvet poster.

Garden supplies, dangle, and a magnet.

Glass platters.

Food and a glass.

Bowls, magnets, and a cd set.


Kitchen stuff.

Garden books and teeth whitener.

A office chair.

Math workbook and magnets.

Art supplies, and index card boxes.

Underwear and a pair of shoes.


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