Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Organized Purse

I cleaned out my purse and it feels much more organized. I buy from thrift stores and don't really know or follow the styles. I just see a bag and buy cause I like the look. I usually find Vera in the display cases in my area. Yep, I like Vera Bradley but if it wasn't for thrift stores I wouldn't have any. 

My Vera Bradley purse that I got from the thrift store for $10 a year ago. I have been told that the pattern is Piccadilly Plum.  My purse isn't that big. I do change it with other Vera Bradley bags of a similar size or smaller occasionally.

How I have everything arranged in my purse. It makes everything easy to find.

I store my things in little Vera Bradley bags along with the pockets in my purse. My wallet, makeup bag, gum, hand lotions, body spray, deodorant, hairspray, brush, phone, keys, iPod, camera, sunglasses, notebook, and calendar. I paid $5-10 for each little Vera bag at thrift stores over the last year.

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