Tuesday, January 7, 2014

China Hutch for Books

My husband bought me a China Hutch for Christmas to store my books. My projects last week was to unload my bookshelves, set up the Hutch, and fill it up. It took me a couple hours. I have my nighties in the drawers along with more books in ...the cabinets on both side. I didn't have room for my fitness books and DVDs so I had to move them to our Entertainment Center in the Living Room. I put my nighties in the drawers which freed up three totes for the Entertainment Center. As you can guess this project lead to a reorganization project in the Living Room. LOL

The bookshelves in my room in July.

I stacked the books by shelf so that I could keep them in order to put them back later. My husband thought it was funny and had me take the picture.

 My China Hutch with my nighties in the drawers. I have books in the cabinets on both side too.

I love real books and magazines but I do have a Kindle app for nonfiction books. I buy all my books from yard sales, thrift stores, and Half Price Books. I read about 2-10 books per month so I don't pay much per book usually under $3. I donate my books after I finish reading them to my public library. I put my initials in each books before I donate them and enjoy seeing the ones the library keeps. I did keep my favorites until 3 years ago when I realized that I don't like to reread books.

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