Friday, January 10, 2014

My On-The-Go Planner

My On-The-Go Planner is a small calendar that I got at BigLots for $3. I need appointment info when I am out and about to make sure I don't schedule something on a day I am already busy. I use a colored paperclip on the current month to make it easier to find. I wrote a bible verse in the notes along with my appointments on the dates. I use a sticky notepad to list my errands and magnetic notepad to  list my grocery and tuck the lists into my calendar before I leave home. I have a notebook from Wal-Mart $3 that I use to keep temporary notes about community events, phone numbers, and booklists. I use the notebooks band to hold my calendar with it along with a cheap pen in the spiral binding. I also keep an envelope in the notebook for my receipts and money that I set aside for specific purchases. I have a DaySpring Planner that I use everyday at home that I keep on my desk. I have several notebooks that I've been weeding as I update my systems.

My On-The-Go planner, notebook, and pens.

The current month in my On-The-Go planner that I carry in my purse. Romans 8:28 is my verse for the month of January that I'm working on.

My shopping list and errand list that I tuck into my mini planner.

My receipts envelope.

My receipts envelope in my notebook pocket.

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