Friday, January 31, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge January 2014

I am working on downsizing our things so my husband and I can get a smaller home in a few years. Our kids are almost grown at 24, 22, 21, and 17. I don't want to wait to purge and organize things I know we can live without. I've been working on purging, reorganizing, and redecorating my home on a small budget for over 3 year now. It takes time but I'm enjoying the journey. I have been purging 100-200 items a month since May. My home has always been clean and organized but we have still found a ton of stuff to purge. I not sure I have much else left to donate. LOL

I found a few things to get rid of in the basement such as crackers, a Christmas tree, cloths, plastic containers, drawer handles, pancake mix, gift bag, and a wine rack. I organized my holiday totes while I was working in the basement and I may look through each one to see what I can purge next month.

I'm purging picture frames, a toy, and oatmeal. I put together a wall photo collage for my dad. He had many frames on his dressers in his room and now he is down to 3. He has Alzheimer's and I want him to see his memories without taking up all his flat space.

I went thru all the kids writing utensils and found a good amount of things almost dried up. I'm also donating the books and magazine that I finished reading this month.

I clean my basement again and found food, shoes my husband no long wanted, and Halloween decoration.

I found undergarments, we updated our phone and therefore donating the old one, gloves, I updated my a memory stick drive, shower rings, instant coffee packets. We bought a bag of bird toys at the Thrift Store and I'm keeping the ones we wanted and donating the extras.

I found a basket worth of old craft paint. I bought 3 packages of cards for $1.50 at the Thrift Store because I needed the envelopes for a Valentine project and now I am donating the cards.

The books that I finished reading this month.

I found oatmeal, lotion, mini marshmallows, calcium tablets, pasta, coffee packets, and comic books.

Coffee, a drawer pull, a fragrance bag, and some confectioners sugar.

Musical instruments.

Metal, cross-stitch hoops, pillow cases, and a chalk board.

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