Tuesday, May 24, 2011

52 Weeks: Recap Weeks 1-20

Since I have completed 20 weeks of the organizing challenge I thought it would be fun to do a recap of all my projects. I have to say it has been nice to get each area completed. For the most part I am organized but it was good for me to look at each area and to remove the clutter that had accumulated. I have enjoyed deciding each week what to work on and most weeks have completed more than one project. I like doing the challenge with others and seeing everyone’s progress each week.

My Progress:

Basement- I worked on 5 areas in my basement but there is way more left to do.

My Office- I still have to organize all my craft shelves but at least I tamed my magazines. I must say I have not gotten anymore lately and have been reading and purging them like crazy. I still have way too many and haven’t keep to myself imposed rule of purging 10 per week.

Kitchen- My biggest accomplishment so far has been my kitchen because I completely organized each area except for my chest freezer. I am trying to use up everything in it or enough to move whatever is left to my upright freezer in the basement so that I can defrost it.

Upstairs- I just started working on the upstairs of my house last week. My kids (DD22, DD19, DS18, and DS14 years) each have their own room so they are responsible for that, which makes it easy for me. Besides the game closet which I finished and vacuuming the hall I only have to monitor them so the whole upstairs area will be done this week. I will also do my bedroom on the main floor of the house this week since it would be an easy week for me otherwise.

What rooms are left to do: Upstairs 4 Bedrooms (this week), My Bedroom (this week), Bathroom, Laundry Room, Living Room, School Room, My Husbands Office, and unfinished areas in the other rooms.

For your convience you can also view each post under my Cleaning and Organizing Label rather than clicking each link.

Intro: 52 Weeks of Organizing


Week 1 (Jan. 02) Christmas Decorations

Week 2 (Jan. 09) Recycled Craft Box

Week 3 (Jan. 16) Shoeboxes

Week 4 (Jan. 23) Basement Storage

My Office

Week 5 (Jan. 30) Organizing My Office & Magazine Storage

Week 6 (Feb. 06) Magazine Organization & What Type of Magazines?

Week 7 (Feb. 13) Office Bookshelves

Week 8 (Feb. 20) Activity Bags Part 1 & Office Tablescapes

Week 9 (Feb. 27) Activity Bags Part 2 & Purse


Week 10 (Mar. 06) Gadget & Plastic

Week 11 (Mar. 13) Kitchen Drawers & Sink Area & Coupon Box

Week 12 (Mar. 20) Canned Goods Cabinet & Plants

Week 13 (Mar. 27) Outside of Fridge & Spices & Drink Mixes

Week 14 (Apr. 3) Breakfast, Snacks, and Baking & Dinner Cabinet

Week 15 (Apr. 10) Small Appliances, Pots & Pans & Stove Drawer

Week 16 (Apr. 17) Dish Cabinet & Kitchen Decor

Week 17 (Apr. 24) China Cabinet & Serving Size Snacks

Week 18 (May 02) Inside of Fridge & Freezer

Week 19 (May 09) Oven & Microwave & Kitchen


Week 20 (May 16) Game Closet

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