Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Weeks: #18 Oven & Microwave

There was only a little organizing involved in this project because I cleaned my oven and microwave. I reorganized the top of the microwave so that counts as organizing though it was a small change.


I like to clean my oven before all big holiday's or if I have a major mishap in the oven. I guess I probably should do it again after the holiday but I don't seem to do that.


It looks a lot better but isn't perfect. I didn't have any oven cleaner so I used dishsoap and water.
I usually clean my microwave everyday when I do dishes but I had been put it off. This is the result of not cleaning it for a week.

Cleaning my microwave everyday works well for me because I don't get hard stuck on food and it wipes clean very easily. If I put it off I fill a coffee mug half way with water and microwave it for 2 minute and let it set for about 5 minute before I wipe it clean. This moistens the junk up and it comes off easier.

This is the top of the microwave that I reorganized. It looks like this most days but sometimes it does have some extra papers. It usually doesn’t get that bad because we each have a desk where we put our personal stuff. We have a filing cabinet for bills and household paperwork so this area is used for messages or mail until the person comes home to receive them.

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