Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift Wrapping Center: Part 2

I have had a collection of cards and stationary for many years. A couple years ago I couldn't help but look for it at yard sales or thrift stores everytime I went and my collection grew large. I spent about $10-$15 for it all over the course of the year. I haven't bought much since because I am limiting myself  to using up what I have.

The Dresser

Cardbox with Cards
Cat Figurines

1st Draw Left Side:
Greeting Card Organizer
Mini Notepads
Scissors, Pens, and Glue

I frequently use the mini notepads for quick love notes to my family.

At the beginning of each year I go through my cards and fill in the pocket of my Greeting Card Organizer. At the beginning of each month I go through it again and make sure I have a card for each event or any special cards I want to give.

1st Draw Right Side:
Thank You Cards and Invitations
Contact Paper
Bookmarks to stick in cards

2nd Draw:

I had the cards in containers before I had the dresser but they wouldn't fit in the dresser. I am on the look out for containers that will fit better I am thinking of using shoe boxes. The cards have dividers between them but it doesn't show very well in the picture.

3rd Draw:

Postcards and Folded Stationary


Stationary and Tablets

Fold and Seals

4th Draw:

Recycled greeting card boxes

Bag of greeting card boxes
Treat bags
Paper Plates

Plastic Container
White Lunch Bags
Plastic Treat Bags and Tags

5th Draw:

They look so pretty I had to show a close up.

6th Draw:

These are gifts I use for last minute or add to other gifts.

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