Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift Wrapping Center: Part 1

I am breaking this down into 3 posts because I have lots of pictures of each area and I think it could get too confusing and long otherwise.

I have a gift wrapping center in my basement and I add supplies and gifts to it as needed or when I get a good deal. I pick up things at yard sales and rummage sales along with after holiday sales.

I have not bought gift wrap or ribbons in several years. I had bought a large amount at an after Christmas Sale about 6 years ago and then about 3 years ago my sister gave me a lot that she had bought at a after Christmas Sale. When I bought the gift wrap I made sure to get some plain colors that could be used for all occasions such as blue, red, green, and gold. We went through lots of gift wrap when the kids where little so I never imagined my supply would last this long. The kids gifts get smaller as they get bigger instead of boxes with toys in them they get Cd's, books, and Ipods which don't require a lot of wrapping paper.

This is the gift wrapping area in my basement which includes the changing table, containers, dresser, and gift wrap storage.

Wrapping Table
This is a changing table turned wrapping table. I bought the changing table about 7 years ago at a thrift store for about $10.00. I wrap presents on top. I used contact paper to decorate the front up a little last fall.

Under the Lid:
Tissue Paper

On the Side:
Gift Bags

I have never bought a gift bag. These bags are all ones I have saved from ones my family has been given and I reuse them for gifts I give.

1st Shelf:
Wrapping Paper
Over sized Gift Bags
Small Gift Bags
Medium and Small Grocery Bags

I bought a really large amount of 3 sizes of grocery bags at a Flea Market about 10 years ago for about $10.00 and this is what I have left of my supply. A good amount got thrown away because they originally where in a cardboard box on the floor and got wet.

2nd Shelf broken / Floor:
Card Making Supplies
Bag of Large Envelopes
Party Supplies
Party Supplies Tote
Plastic Gift Wrap

My sister has given me lots of envelopes because she works at a card store. She is not allowed to give me the old cards but the envelopes have come in handy when I get cards at yard sales or thrift stores with no envelopes. I have also used them for other projects.

Plastic Containers

I have mostly picked these up at yards sales to make gift baskets or food treats.

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