Thursday, April 15, 2010

Basement Clutter

This week I have been working on cleaning and organizing the basement. I loaded up the van with everything that needed dropped off for my errand day yesterday. The trash was broken down and put with the garbage to be picked up tommorow.

The Bags of Bags

I reuse grocery bags in our small trash cans but we always have lots of extra bags. This is a winters worth of bags that I have saved to donate to the Cloths Closet. I will be dropping them off along with my donations.

The Donation Pile

These are the things that I had in a pile in the basement waiting to be donated. I save everything and donate it the the local Clothes Closet it is run by local church volunteers and they give everything away for free.

The Trash Pile

We had mostly boxes and recyclables except the chair that broke soon after this pile was made.

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Spring Clean Along
Clear Out the Clutter Challenge

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  1. Wow! You've been working. I've been trying to get more organized around here and do some spring cleaning . Have a great weekend.


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