Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Gift: Candy Making

My daughter Nastasja and I made candy for Valentine's. We used our candy making supplies that we have collected over the years.

The chocolate was leftover from Christmas and sprinkles leftover from last Valentines.

I created the tags from pink and red cardstock and a heart paper punch.

The ladybug printed bags and sucker sticks was leftover from a couple years ago when I bought several packages for $0.50 at an after Valentines sale. I used red yarn to tie the bags closed instead of the twist ties that come with the bags because I think it looks nicer.

I used the ladybug printed bags and scrapbook paper to make tags. I printed scripture on the computer and glued it on the scrapbook paper. I used red yarn to tie the bags closed.

Love bears all things… 1 Corinthians 13:7

I made the hearts with pink and red cardstock and vallum and white yarn. I used scalloped scissors to cut the vallum and then I held the cardstock and vallum heart together and punch holes along the border so that I could lace the yarn.

…God is love…1 John 4:16

I used leftover white lunch bags from a couple Christmas ago. I put the homemade candy and pink shredded printer paper into each bag. I tied the Vallum Hearts onto each of the bags.

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