Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowy Day Tablescape

I pulled together a lot of things that I already had for this fun snow themed tablescape. It cost me $6.50 for the food and nothing for decorations. I had planned to make snowflake cutout cookies but didn’t.

What’s on my table?

Snowball Cake- It cost me $3.50 to make the cake, and I already owned to cake stand. I got all the ingredients at Aldi.

Snowflake Suckers- $1.00 for 6 at the Dollar Tree at Christmas, and ribbon from my wrapping supplies

Snowman paper plates- leftovers from Christmas cookie plate’s project

Snowman Cotton Candy- $0.49 each after Christmas Sale I bought 4.

Hot Cocoa- The cups are my everyday coffee mugs, I already had the cocoa and leftover French Vanilla Snowman Marshmallows from Christmas.

Snowball Candles- a gift years ago that I never got around to using. I used small plates that I had because I wanted something to set the candles and snowflakes on. I thought the mostly white with gold trim plates went well with my colors they also have blue and pink flowers on them.

Paper Snowflakes- I used paper that I had and folded it for making the big white snowflakes and the small blue ones under the candles.

Tablecloth- I got the tablecloth which is blue, white, and gold with a snowflake motif on the corners as a gift 3 years ago.