Friday, September 29, 2017

Clutter Busting Challenge September 2017

This month I don't have as many pictures of my purge. My husband and I cleaned out the shed and forgot to take pictures and once we realized it we didn't feel like doing it. We purged leftover parts from our camper renovation and he purged a few of his things. I would guess overall we purged 50 items not pictured from the shed, plus the 22 items pictured, my 54 yard sale/donate items, and my husband's 11 sold yard sale items with a total of 137 items for the month. That's a big amount compared to the rest of the months in 2017 with a average of 30 items per month.

My purge pile:

We decide to collect some stuff to sell at the Community Yard Sale. I collected about 54 items and I'm donating all my leftovers. The guys are keeping their things to sell later on ebay or something.

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