Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cleaning the Camper

Shawn and I have had a great time with our camper this Summer. On Saturday, it was a nice warm day so we decided to do a bit of cleaning on the outside of our camper.. Shawn put the tire rimes back onto the camper. I scrubbed mildew/mold/gunk off the awning on the front end of the camper and removed sticker residue from all the outside windows. We removed tape residue from the front and back corners of the outside.  We washed the camper with soapy water before spraying it off. We did Rain-X on all the windows of the camper and our vehicles. We put Armor-All on the tires of the camper and our vehicles.

As we were starting to wash.

This was after I scrubbed mildew/mold/gunk off the front end awning.

After we finished washing. The pictures doesn't show as much difference but it was definitely dirty before we cleaned it. We bought the 1984 Foxfire camper and had it delivered to us on November 1, 2016. It's hard to tell when the last time someone has cleaned it.

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