Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our Silver Jubilee Vow Renewal

On June 6th, 1992 Shawn Sr. and I said "I Do" and on Sunday we said "We Still Do" 25 years later. We pledged our love to each other all those years ago and we’re renewing our commitment that it’ll last a lifetime. We had a family celebration to renew our vows in the beautiful Whetstone Park of Roses, followed by dinner at Mozart’s Piano Cafe'. The Lord has been good to us.

The Whetstone Park of Roses.

Jennie and Shawn Sr. by the fountain.

We did our renewal ceremony in the Small Gazebo between the Perennial and Herb Gardens.

Jennie reading her vows.


Shawn Sr. reading his vows.

The Kiss.


The kids blowing bubbles at us.


Shawn Sr. and Jennie.

Shawn Sr. and Jennie.


Richard III, Brittany, Arileise, Richard IV in the Small Gazebo.



Richard III, Brandon, Shawn Sr., Arileise, Jennie, Brittany, Nastasja, and Richard IV at the Wedding Arbor in the Wedding Mall


Us kissing by the fountain. 

 Our grandbabies, Richard and Arileise in the Formal Rose Garden. 

Shawn Sr. and Brandon on the Iron Observation Tower in the Formal Rose Garden.

Jennie and Nastasja in the Heritage Rose Garden.

We'll be celebrating our 25th with a 3 week trip to Pennsylvania. It's only about an 8 hour drive from Ohio. We'll be visiting a week each in Hershey, Lancaster, and Gettysburg. We never had a Honeymoon and have never been away from the kids but for more than 2 nights. We homeschooled and are very close but they are young adult now. It’ll be scary leaving home for so long but really fun.

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