Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Project Week Day #5

I met award-winning inspirational author Beverly Lewis today. Beverly created the genre of Amish fiction with the release of her first adult novel, The Shunning, in 1997. She gave a short talk about the Amish and her books along with answering questions of library patrons. Se signed copies of her book and chatted with her reader-friends as she calls them.  My daughter Nastasja went along and bought me the book The Atonement.

After the book signing event my daughter went to work. I decided to spend the day in town running errands. I don't go to town or run errand alone very often, maybe every couple months. I like being at home and going out with my husband or family. I went to Walmart to do some browsing, we tend to go shopping for what we need and don't go to stores to just look very often. I visited the craft, clothing, and seasonal isles. I did purchase a thermal shirt and pants for $3 apiece on clearance. I dropped off donations at the Clothes Closet drop box, books went to the library drop box, and browsed a used furniture store. My last stop was Wendy's for a late lunch were I read two chapters in the book I'm reading. It was very enjoyable day, although I'm not doing so well completing projects for the week. 

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