Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Our Exercise Room

Our project in January was to redo our empty first floor room. We decide to turn it into an exercise room. We painted the walls a color called Special White Chocolate and redid the floors. Shawn did the sanding along with applying the Shellac to the floor and I did most of the clean-up. 

In February we moved everything into our newly finished room. I had been exercising in our bedroom and basement. I’m happy to have a dedicated room. I had all the d├ęcor and equipment by buying over a couple years time from yard sales and thrift stores. You can get some really good deals on nice stuff second hand. The things I bought new over the years were the plastic baskets, wood baskets, kettle bell set, iPod radio, foot sliders, and 1 yoga mat. I’ll be getting curtains to finish the room. We spend about $250 to do the room.

What we bought for our project:
Shellac- Home Depot $45
Paint- Wal-Mart $15
Supplies- $75
Entertainment Center- Thrift $25
Mirror- Thrift Store $25
Metal Shelf- Home Depot $25
Mats- Wal-Mart $20 each
Curtains- $60 (Not purchased yet)


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