Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Cleaning the Living Room

I finished spring cleaning and purging my living room last week. The corner cabinet, one of the end table drawers, and the middle slider drawers on the dresser are all empty. I plan to paint the dresser and am thinking white to go along with the corner cabinet. I still need to replace the curtains. We've scheduled rental on a sander for April 11th. I'll be refinish the floors, woodwork, and painting this room and the exercise room. I'm glad to have the room done but its going to get messy again with the work. I hope we can get it completed by the end of the month.

My supplies:
Dust pan and broom
A Soapy rag

The dust that collected underneath the couch in a months time.

I pulled the furniture out to sweep.

I used a soapy cloth the wash all the wood and the baseboards.

I used a dust broom to sweep out the couch.

I used the vacuum hose to pull the dust out of the cracks and couch fabric.

I used a soapy rag to spot clean the furniture.

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