Sunday, August 31, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge August 2014 Part 4

It really been a joint effort this month for my husband and I. I was falling short on the challenge so he helped me out this last week. We purged 607 items this month with 280 of the items coming from my husband. If you haven't read my post Why I Give My Stuff Away I want to encourage to read it. Giving to people in need is on my heart.

We have completed a large amount of projects together too. The project I’m most proud of is that we scrapped old paint, took out the old caulking, caulked, and painted all 8 of the first floor windows, a door, and a screen door of our home. We have 3 doors, 3 screen doors, and 4 second floor windows to do in September. We have a long list of outside projects to get finished before the cold sets in. you may be interested in my post August Outside Projects.

My purge pile this week:

A pencil, box tops, a toy, a jar that I mistakenly purged the lid to several months ago.

Valentine items. I'm counting the cards in sets instead of individually.

Crafty items.

I'm purging 150 computer and electronic parts. My husband decided to help out with the challenge since I'm behind my goal. It was dark out when I took the picture and he is recycling them on his way to work. Thank you, Honey.

The speakers on my iPod radio aren't working. The shirt I got at a yard sale but didn't fit. I didn't want the comb and brush from a set that included two mirrors that I bought at a yard sale.

123 Star wars. This is the last of my husband Star wars collection.

More Star wars figures. My husband comes to me and says he thinks he missed a few in the shed. He comes back with 29 more. Thank you, Honey.

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