Friday, August 8, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge August 2014 Part 1

This is my 4th month playing the minimalist game. I've been seriously purging since January 2011. The bulk of our stuff has left within the last 1 1/2 yrs. I'm getting close to being done. I'm purging 80 items this week.
You may notice a trend in the areas that I'm working this week. They are things that came in and left right away, holiday, my grandchildren's toys/puzzles/books, kitchen, and food storage. I'll share pictures of my food storage when I finished my project which will probably be tomorrow. I should share pictures of my grandkids stuff too. It might be nice to share how to make your home fun without it looking like children live with you. LOL
My purge pile this week:

Christmas wrap.

A tank top and food items.

These are things that entered my home and are leaving right away. 
A hotel sheet accidentally brought home after our trip. The magazines are subscriptions that don't belong to us but are delivered to our home. A book I bought over the weekend at a yard sale but already own. The plastic spoons from the wedding of a fellow homeschool family. My husband and I volunteered 6 hours a couple weeks ago prepping, serving, and cleaning up the food for the reception. I used my serving dishes and crockpots so I had extra prep and clean up at home for the wedding.
Children's books.
I went through all my grandchildren's toys and books in the living room. I think 10 toys, 7 games/puzzles, and 15 books is more than enough.
Food and a store booklet.
Food items.
 More food items.

Kitchen items. 
I had tea cups hanging for several years on the unused paper towel bar. I took down the towel bar but left the little shelf to display my tea cups.

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