Friday, August 22, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge August 2014 Part 3

I've purged 253 items from my home in August so far. I must have miscounted sometime this month and have purged 10 less that I originally though.  I'm trying to average 125 items per week to make  my goal of 495 for the month. I'm not sure I'll make my goal with 10 days left in the month. I've mentioned before I think I'm getting close to the end.

My purge pile this week:

I'm purging 38 horse posters/postcards. Our daughter Nastasja was really into horses but its time for these papers to go.

I'm purging 16 folders with projects and hanging folders. I'm making progress on the homeschool papers.

 I'm purging 13 homemade games that we used for homeschooling.

I'm purging a crate of homeschool papers. The papers and lessons are from when I taught a homeschool co-op 3-4 yrs. pre-k class at least 8 yrs. ago. I sorted though the papers for things I can use for my granddaughter. I'm keeping very little to reuse and filed them in the tote I'm putting together for her. I'm counting the papers as a bonus.

I got my oldest son (22 yrs.) to mow the lawn. The youngest son (18 yrs.)helped me load up wood and drop it off at the dump. I'm counting it as a bonus.

I'm purging nail polish and a jewelry show brochure from a party my daughter Brittany hosted.

I'm purging 7 electronics that I forgot to take a picture of before being disposed.

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