Friday, April 11, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge April 2014 Part 2

I'm almost to the point that I would say I'm at a comfortable minimalist level. I have enough of everything I want and everything I need. My home looks and feels great. More of Him Less of Me.

My donations this week:

I worked on redoing all my door wreaths this week. I found some fake flowers that I had saved that I do not want anymore. I'll share my updated wreaths in a future post.


I purged the last of my organizing/clutter books this week. I had keep a couple by Emilie Barnes after my book purge a couple weeks ago. I had put them on my laundry room shelf  instead of on my bookshelf with all my fiction books. I read them one last time in March and then put them in my donation pile. This was my third time this year purging these types of books and my last since I have purge all of them at this point. I will not buy any more books with this theme because I figure if I need ideas I can check some out from my local Library.

Holiday stuff, and clear nail polish.

I went through my stationary and Christmas card and found several stacks to donate.

2 Curtains.

Plastic containers, a bag, body spray, and 3 pillows.

3 laundry baskets

A box of old candles that I used to remake candles with years ago.

A wood crate.

Craft books and patterns.

A box with 2 completed latch hooks, a book, shorts, pencils, and Christmas picks.

A Chair.

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