Friday, April 4, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge April 2014 Part 1

This week I went through holiday stuff. I bought a little magnifying cabinet at the thrift store for $5 this past weekend. I am purging the supplies that came in it and using the little cabinet for office supplies. I will share about that in a future post. I redid my card boxes and will share that later.

Easter Stuff

Fall Stuff

Valentine Stuff that I gave to my daughter Brittany.

Magnifying Glass and Stuff

Notebook, Magazine, and Food. 

Card Box, and Cards.


Weights that I gave to my daughter Nastasja.

I had a mini baby shower for my grandson on Sunday and gave him gifts that I have been collecting for several months. Its not clutter but it is something that is no longer being stored in my home. I gave my daughter Brittany a sewing machine and a baby play gym that I forgot to take pictures of. 

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