Friday, December 13, 2013

How I Travel

When we travel I like to pack the least amount I can get away with and yet be comfortable. I have a small duffle bag for clothes, a small makeup tote, a small bag of toiletries, bottled water, a bag with snacks, and a bag for activities. In my activity bag I have things like a book, magazines, a little craft, and a word search book. I take my activity bag with me year round for when I have waiting time. I keep all my bags packed except my clothes because I use my bags in the house and just need to grab and go for a trip. My husband bought us each a cargo tote for our cars and I love having it since it helps keep things contained that stay in my car all the time. The Cargo Tote has 3 sections plus a pocket in it with a small cooler with bottled water, some donations I need to drop off, baby wipes, and winter gear such as small shovel, a hat, gloves, a scarf, socks, an extra pair of shoes.

My Clothes

My Makeup and Toiletries

My Activity Bag

A Book

A Water Bottle and Snacks

Cargo Tote

What are your best tips on keeping your travels organized, whether it is a car ride over the river and thought the woods, or soaring off into the sky for far away travels?

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