Monday, December 23, 2013

Cleaning Zone 2: Kitchen & Dining Room

Cleaning Zones

Cleaning Zone 1: Porches & Storage Areas
Cleaning Zone 2: Kitchen/Dining Room & Laundry Room
Cleaning Zone 3: Bathroom & Offices
Cleaning Zone 4: Bedrooms & Closets
Cleaning Zone 5: Living Room & Family Room
Cleaning Zone 2

Kitchen & Dining Room: Detailed Cleaning List

1.      Clean the Cobwebs
2.      Empty refrigerator/Clean thoroughly/Dust back coils
3.      Clean microwave inside and out
4.      Clean stove/oven
5.      Wash canister/knick-knacks
6.      Straighten drawers/cupboards
7.      Wipe fingerprints off walls
8.      Dust/ Wash baseboards
9.      Wash window sills/windows
10.  Dust/Clean china cabinet 
11.  Clean table/Chairs
12.  Add personal touches to table (tablecloths, candles, and decorations)
13.  Clean fan/vent-a-hood filters and hood
14.  Scrub down cabinet fronts/Counters
15.  Clean lights/glass globes over light bulbs
16.  Clean under sink/throw away old rags
17.  Wash Curtains
18.  Clean Plants
19.  Clean Bird Cage
20.  Vacuum
21.  Clean rugs
Laundry Room: Detailed Cleaning List

1.      Wipe washer and dryer
2.      Clean the gunk from under the washer lid
3.      Throw out empty bottles and boxes
4.      Empty the garbage can
5.      Check supplies of laundry detergent, softener, spot remover
6.      Sweep and mop the floor
7.      Remove the cobwebs
8.      Put away all clothes
9.      Look behind appliances for odd socks & sweep
10.  Put away extra shoes, and coats
11.  Take supplies of shelf & wash containers & shelf
12.  Wash trash can and disinfect
13.  Clean laundry hamper, and baskets

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