Friday, December 6, 2013

Daily Focus: Errand Day

I run my Errands on Fridays. I load my car the night before. If I don't I stack anything I need to take with me on my desk and take to my car before I leave. I use a post it to list the places I need to stop in order of how I come into town. I grab my purse,  packed lunch, an apple, and water bottle. My library has a small café were I eat my lunch and read a magazine.

You can read my post on Paper Clutter and Home Office Day. My Home Office Day is on Thursday and I spend time prepping for Errand Day along with other office tasks.

Errand Day Tasks:

Grocery Shopping- Kroger , Aldi, or Wal-Mart
Household Shopping- Cleaning Supplies, Toiletries- Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree or Dollar General
Clothes Closet or Goodwill- Drop off  Donations and Shop
Pick up Prescriptions- Kroger
Doctor & Dentist Appointments
Library- Pick up/Return books, and Movies
Visit with Friends
Post Office
Fill car with Gas- Swifty
Unload and Clean Car
Don't eat in the Car
Check oil weekly


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