Friday, June 28, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge: June Update # 4 Final

This is the end of my June Challenge to get rid of 7 things each day. I didn't count up my donations but I am pretty sure I exceeded my goal.

The things I got rid of since my last update:

Dollies, flavoring, book, coupons, decoration, and tissue paper.



Party and Gift Supplies
Toys, card games, and bowels.

TV Stand
Outdoor Furniture Cushions
4H Project Books

Homeschool Books

2 pairs of old shoes, a shirt, 3 bags of confetti, creamer packets, moist wipe packets, and a flower pot.

A bag of toys, and a bag of corks.

2 bags of bags, and a plastic container.
My List of Things that went into the trash:

A big stack of homeschool papers
A big stack of used 4H books
A collection of egg cartons

This stuff filled a tall kitchen trash bag.

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