Friday, June 7, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge: June Update #1

The clutter busting challenge went so well in May that I am continuing  into June. Most everything I got rid of this week was from the Living Room. My stepdad has lived with us the last 3 years and was in our living room but after some room shifting he is out of our living room and into his own room. This caused me to clean and declutter the room.

The things I got rid of since my last update:

Dessert trays for my daughter's wedding that are no longer needed.

Popcorn seasoning packets that no one liked.

Living room decorations that I didn't want after moving things around.

Duplicate kid movies and all my music CD's that I have converted onto my computer.

More living room decorations.

And more living room decorations.

VHS from homeschooling that we don't need. This was the last of the VHS from our home.

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