Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barn and Shed Painted

My husband and I worked on painting the Barn and Shed this May and I am finally posting about it. This was a project we had wanted to do for several years and never got around to it. It started last May when we scraped the old paint and done some painting until we ran out of paint and didn't finish it. This year we decided to tackle this job until it was done and with so much time passing we had to start over.  The project took us about 2 weeks to complete. The before pictures are old but they were the best I could find.

The Before:

The Shed picture is from 2009 I am not sure why it says 2006 on the photo.

The Barn picture was taken in 2010 its not very good but its the best I could find.


This is my Honey painting the shed.


I wanted to take down the wreath on the front and remove the old flowers and nest but I had to put it back up because it had eggs in the nest but in the fall I will remove it.

On the right side I took down some of the old decorations added a few new ones. I think I spent about $3.00 at the thrift store for both.

The front of the Barn. The left and back of the barn is metal so no paint needed there.

But the right side got a new coat of paint.

We need to get some metal paint to do the basketball hoop soon. This was not a professional job but a DIY but we love the new updated look. We got the paint for free so this was a no cost project. It was very hot out when we did this so we were sweating and had to take several breaks but it was worth it. I enjoyed the time with My Honey.

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