Saturday, June 9, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 3 Update

This week is all about  trying to  BREAK A BAD HABIT!

Day 14 Sunday June 3

What is one unhealthy habit you’d like to break?

My bad habit is that I have a sweet tooth and I am usually good most of the day but 9:00 or so each night I just can’t resist. I need to go back to my habit of eating a piece of fruit and then having a smaller portion of the unhealthy sweet or only allowing myself the unhealthy treat twice per week.


Day 15 Monday June 4

Take-Action Tips:

Make a list. Consider all the ways your life will improve once you kick this particular habit. Write them down, and then post the list where you will see it—say, on your bathroom mirror, on your car dashboard or in your daily planner. Read it at least once a day (especially when your willpower is wavering) to remind yourself why you want to quit and the good things that will come your way once you do.

My life will improve once I kick this particular habit because I will be eating healthier, feel better about myself, and have lots a few pounds. I will remember that living healthy is what I want for myself and that I can maintain it.

Secure a sponsor.

I have not found someone in person who has been successful at quitting the same habit of eating sweets or junk food. I do read health articles and read books about fitness and diet for inspiration. I don’t know anyone who has lost weight or is learning to maintain a healthy weight as I am. Which is maybe one reason I have gained back some of the weight. I started saying things to myself like why am I the only one who can’t eat whatever they want and have to turn down junk food so often. People would say you can eat that it won’t kill you or she won’t eat that. I got tired of hearing peoples crap and feeling like I was the only one trying to eat right so I gave up on myself.

Be patient with yourself. Bad habits by their very nature are hard to break—so expect to "relapse" at least once—and be gentle with yourself when it occurs. Instead of dwelling on this setback, accept your mistake and move on. Continue your course and start fresh right away. Remember, slipping up doesn't mean you can't quit, say experts. It's just going to take some time.

I need to remember this and just get myself back to what I know I should be doing, eating right and exercising. I felt better about myself after I lost weight and I feel that I am less happy since I started gaining. I need to remember that I am doing this for me.

How did these tips help you? Did they make you more energized, empowered, optimistic or excited, or did you end up overwhelmed and defeated?

At first I was feeling defeated but after I went back over my responses and realized what I was saying was a defeated attitude I decided I wanted to be optimistic so I reworded my answers to help turn my attitude into something that was more motivating. At least it’s a start.

Day 16 Tuesday June 5

Another great way to curb an unhealthy habit is to brainstorm a better-for-you behavior you can do when you’re tempted to give in to your “vice”. Complete the following sentence: “When I feel like _________ (unhealthy habit), I will __________ (healthy habit) instead.”

When I feel like snacking on unhealthy foods or over eating my allotted calories, I will drink a glass of water, unsweetened tea or a low calorie drink. Then eat a piece of fruit or raw veggies, have a piece of sugarless gum/candy or healthier lower calorie snack and brush my teeth before I am tempted to get more. If I still can’t be satisfied I will do something like go for a walk, clean house, read a book, or do a craft. I have used this technique many times I have just allowed myself to get out of the habit.

Day 18 Thursday June 7

Breaking a bad habit is hard so when I find myself tensing up I will meditate on scripture that speaks to me. I will also try some of the relaxation techniques that I have learned from yoga.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16

Day 19 Friday June 8

In order to be successful at breaking your bad habit, it helps to be accountable to someone.

My husband is the person that I have asked to help keep me on track for breaking my bad habit of eating too many sweets I have also asked him to help me be accountable for exercising, losing weight and maintaining a comfortable weight. Sometimes it is hard when he is struggling with weight loss even more that I am. I was the one who motivated my family to lose weight in 2010 by joining the run club and eating healthier. Everyone lost weights during that time but some have regained. I was doing well until this past October and started to regain and now I have to motivate myself again.

Day 20 Saturday June 9

The tip for this past week that helped me the most was, Brainstorming a better-for-you behavior you can do when you’re tempted to give in to your “vice”. When I got off track this week with my unhealthy habit I just reminded myself that I will do better next time.

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