Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 5 Update

This week is all about taking steps to BE HAPPIER!

Day 29 Monday June 18

Feeling blue? Make over your mind-set with these simple steps this week.

Take-Action Tips:

Holler if you need help. It's hard to be happy when you're feeling overburdened. So reach out and ask for the help you need—maybe it's getting more volunteers to pitch in for the PTA fundraiser or family members to clean up the dishes after dinner—rather than quietly seething about everything that's falling on your shoulders. The extra assistance will alleviate some of your stress, and you'll find your mood will lighten.

Right now I am doing fine and do not feel overburdened but it has been a little crazy lately trying to get it all done. We painted the barn and shed in May. In June we have been painting my son Brandon’s Room and I hope to have the picture of the finished room up soon. It hasn’t been decorated yet and although we have some ideas I am not sure if he really wants any since he doesn’t spend much time in his room.

See every day as a special occasion. Serve dinner on your wedding china. Wear your grandmother's pearls with your T-shirt and jeans. Pulling out those things you typically reserve just for holidays or birthdays can make you feel sunny on ordinary days since these cherished items bring on mood-boosting memories.

I have always loved decorating up the dinner table and having fun planning special meals and desserts and have done lots of Tablescapes but have let it fall by the wayside. I was doing tablescapes and linking up for Tablescape Thursday August 2009 – September 2010 but I think I burned myself out and didn’t always post all of them to my blog. I also didn’t want to add any more dishes to my collection but you know how that goes I have added at least 3 sets since I last posted about my dishes but I have gotten rid of several smaller sets or mismatched pieces. I have decided to make all my sets of dishes match my kitchen and look good together and let go of the other sets so I have been slowly weeding them down.

I have been having fun painting my nails this summer and have worn a couple pieces of jewelry to feel a little nicer since I don’t usually wear anything but my wedding and engagement rings. I think I may get a haircut and color my hair at the beginning of July.

I need to spend some time coming up with some crafts, projects, and books to add to my Project Bag for Fair week at the end of July and Volleyball camp. I like to keep busy so I need to work on it now so I don’t feel rushed or end up bored.

Pile on praise. Leave yourself positive messages (a note you stick to your mirror or computer or an hourly alert you set on your phone). Maybe it's "You're beautiful," or "You're creative," or even "You're a wonderful mom." Whenever we hear something repeatedly, we tend to internalize its meaning, and this can shape how you feel about yourself, say psychologists. Seeing upbeat messages every day and saying them out loud to yourself will help you believe them. And when you start thinking more positively about yourself, you'll feel happier overall.

How about “I’m beautiful just the way I am.” Or "I’m creative and being creative brings me joy"

How did these tips help? Did they make you feel more energized, empowered, optimistic or excited, or overwhelmed, depressed and defeated?

They made me feel empowered to do some things that I enjoy but have put off doing.

Day 30 Tuesday June 19

Practice positive self talk. What are some of the motivational messages you’re leaving for yourselves. Where are you putting them?

I printed them out and put them on my board in my office.

Day 31 Wednesday June 20

Let’s Recap: As you make new changes each week, remember that a new set of tips doesn’t require throwing the old ones out the window! (After all, it takes three weeks to form a habit.) Take a look back at some of the tips we’ve asked you to try. Reflect on which have become nearly second nature, and those that could use some nurturing.

Week 1: Increase Your Energy
Week 2: Get Active
Week 3: End Unhealthy Habits
Week 4: Eat Well

And continue to work on the tips from this week, Week 5: Be Happy.

Which of these wellness-boosting strategies were the easiest to stick with? Which are the most challenging? Have any fallen by the wayside?

I have not done as well as I had hoped with this challenge I wanted to give it my all but I have slacked a lot especially in with Week 2 and 3.

Day 32 Thursday June 21

Crank up some feel-good songs. Turning up your favorite tunes can be an easy way to beat the blues. What are some songs that put a smile on your face—and why do you like them? For example, does hearing them take you back to a more carefree time in your life? Or does the melody help you relax and forget about whatever’s stressing you?

I don’t listen to much music but when I do it is praise and worship, you can’t go wrong with any of that.

Day 33 Friday June 22

What have you done for YOU lately? One of this week’s tips was to add a little luster to a humdrum day by doing something special for yourself. Did you make it happen? If so, what did you do? If not, what are some ways you could treat yourself this weekend or next week? Keep in mind, your something special doesn’t have to cost a thing. As we mentioned, it could be serving dinner on your wedding china or wearing your grandmother’s pearls with your T-shirt and jeans. It should just be anything out of the ordinary that puts a smile on your face!

I painted my nails on Monday and plan to find some other things to do to pamper myself.

Day 34 Saturday June 23

Laugh your worries away. Studies have shown that not only do shoulder-shaking snickers burn calories, but simply anticipating laughter can reduce stress by cutting cortisol levels! What got you giggling this week! Did you hear a funny joke?

I don’t remember anything special that made me laugh but I had a good week.

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