Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My Card Making Afternoon

I was looking through my unfinished papercrafting project and decide to create little love note cards for my husband. I spent about 3 hours in the afternoon on it and created 19 cards. I put 1-2 cards  in each of my monthly sections of my Seasonal Notebooks. This way when the months comes I'll have the cards ready to go. I may not give him all the cards within this year but I have that option and if I don't give them all away their will be leftovers for next year.

I pull out a bag of purple themed notes that I had started collecting supplies for. I had stamped a few images, used a few paper punches, and collected some colored paper but never got around to creating the cards. It took a bit of time and thought but I was able to create 9 cards. A few are for our anniversary but the others are just because cards. 

I had a bag of unfinished red themed notes that I had started collecting supplies for too. I had started 2 of the cards but never finished. I had a few cut-up cards to reuse, stickers, a few hearts that I had cut-out, doilies, and chipboard hearts. I was able to create 10 cards from my red collection. I did set aside two of the cards to give to him next Valentine's day but the rest are just because too.

I really like that I have them made ahead of time and can give him a little love note anytime I want without having to create it on the day that I want to give it.  It's fun to plan ahead and it saves time too. This is the two that I added to my March section of my Spring Notebook.

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