Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Frugal Five- The Organized Edition

I did a bit of organizing over the last month. The best part is that I didn't spend any money.

1. I organized and purged unneeded or expired items in our basement food stock. I brought a few things upstairs that were needed.


2. I organized my grandkids toy closet.  My husband hung a shelf and I put books into it. I brought the last of the toys from the shed to the upstairs closet. I washed the totes too. 


3. I organized my sewing supplies in the basement. This involved carrying items that had been in the toy closet to the basement along with putting everything onto a shelf.

4. My husband sorted, purged and organized his closet. I sorted, purged, and organized my closet.

My husband's closet. 

My closet.


5. I sorted and organized my papercrafting supplies. I sorting a big stack of scrapbook paper that I bought over a year ago at a thrift store into piles based on color and put each color into my crate with the other sorted colors. I organized 2 of my totes on my shelves that have embellishments. 

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